"Do you wanna hear a story? Could maybe help you do your job better. Be careful how you answer now. 'Cause it's gonna be a long story."


Infinite Patience ...
... will produce immediate results.

Work on the comic is coming along apace. We expect to have a launch date to you soon. If you are interested in receiving notification please send us your email.

If you have a skill which you think could be useful (we are interested in hearing from more artists) or if you have a business which you think would be a good fit for the world of BloodRacing then - again - please do say hi.


Stand by for the ride of a lifetime

Blood Racing is the ONLY sport where adrenaline permeates everything.

Coming soon to this site - a webcomic set amongst the world of in  vivo miniature BioSub racing.

Why such a dangerous sport? How did it come about? What other uses are there for the RvX shrinking tech? Who are CynetiQ and why are they yards ahead of everyone else?

All these questions and more will be answered in the first few episodes - only at

Come Inside. Get Your Blood Racing


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Blood Racing is a work-in-progress movie, game and comic book universe.

If you'd like to get involved, illustrate your own panel, or simply want to know more as it happens, then contact


[A Chinese sub hoping for 2nd]

[The crowd rises to its feet]

[Only our fourteenth ever Host]

[Veins and Arteries]

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